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July Birchbox – With free June box


In July after trying Glossybox and MyLittleBox I also wanted to try Birchbox (I also later signed up for the look fantastic box but i’ll post that in another blog). When I signed up I was lucky enough to do so whilst they offered a free extra box with new subscriptions so I got a june box free.

My July box was the Millie Mackintosh edition and I LOVED it! It was such great quality for the money and it came with a fantastic LOC Lip penicil in a shade created with Millie WP_20160801_02_25_33_Proherself. The nails inc nail varnish was not a colour I would have usually picked so it’s nice to try something out of my usual colour range. I had never used John Freida before so was looking forward to trying it and the Caudalie cleansing water came at a perfect time as I had been wanting to try some and didn’t mind which brand I tried. The brush looks pretty and I needed more so I was glad to get it.

LOC lip pencil
The colour of this is great and I absolutely love it. It feels soft on my lips and applies really easily. It lasts quite nicely however I drink a lot, especially in this weather so I have to reapply once or twice. The size is adorable and perfect for a handbag. I recommend anyone who doesn’t have one of these tries it, the colour I had was ‘Bohemian Rose’.
You can purchase this here for £9

I rate it 5/5


John Frieda Frizz Ease

This is the first item I have ever tried from this brand and I am really impressed. I have frizzy hair and it was dry at the ends, then I tried this. My hair is now so much softer, it’s fluffy in a healthy way but doesn’t frizz out all over the place anymore and the ends of my hair feel so nice and soft. I got fantastic results after only one use and when my full size sample runs out I’ll be off to the shops to buy more. This product has become a must have in my hair care regime and I can’t wait to see what else this brand has to offer.
I highly recommend anyone that hasn’t ever tried this to go out and buy it,you won’t regret it.

You can buy it here

I rate this 5/5


Spectrum Makeup brush

I was so happy to see this pretty make up brush in my box and so looking forward to trying it. However, when I tried it with powder foundation it was a bigger let down than the new powerpuff girls. The thickest part of the brush is on the bottom, which when using powder is hard to get to unless you press down really hard and loosen half your powder compact. It swept across my face without leaving any product which I don’t even think it had picked up. The top bristles are useless, they are too few and too soft. Perhaps with liquid foundation you might get a slight result but I doubt it would be anything you’d be happy with. I may have to give it a try before I pass the brush on but my only expectation is being let down.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless you wanted it for decoration purposes.

I rate this 1/5 because it looks good.


Caudalie Micellar Cleansing water

This Micellar cleansing water is the first of it’s kind that I have tried. I usually use Camomile make up remover but really wanted to give this a try. I used it as both a makeup remover and as a general cleanser and I really liked the feel of my skin after.

My skin felt clean, there was no trace of makeup left on my face but there was traces of makeup left on my eyes which is typical for me really. I used this also as a general cleanser to test how well it removes dirt from a general day. I tested it after taking a trip to the park with the monsters. Although I had washed my face that morning I was quite surprised at just how much dirt I had managed to pick up during the day, it was more than expected although I did get quite hot as well so probably had a bit of sweat. The lovely white cotton pad had gone quite a dark colour, so I went over my face twice just to make sure and the second time it was clean. I would say it definitely attracts dirt the way it says it does and I’m really glad to have this on my dressing table now. I will more than likely be buying a bigger bottle of it once one of my other cleansers runs out.

All in all I would recommend giving this a try, I’m glad it was in my birchbox so I could. I may try some other brands too, like the Nivea one as I am quite a fan of the brand (blueberry lip butter is amazing!).

If you would like to try it you can buy it here.

I would rate this 4/5. Would definitely get 5 if it beat the eye makeup, but sadly not 100% this time.


Nails inc nail polish

I was curious to try this as I was unsure about the colour. It is one I would usually not give a second glance to in the shops. I saw these in a set and was contemplating buying them but I am glad I waited till I had tried this.

The application was horrible, it went on blotchy and was unspreadable at is seemed to start drying and thickening up straight away so I ended up with messy drag marks and even after a second coat it was still blotchy.

The colour was worse than it looked in the pot and just didn’t suit me at all and it began cracking and chipping the same day. I was extremely disappointed, but relieved I didn’t buy more!

I would not recommend this, I have never had this issue with any other brands I have used so I think I will avoid in future. As this came in my birchbox I wondered if perhaps it was a bit old as I wouldn’t have expected such poor quality from such a well known brand.

I rate it 0/5


The June box


The June box was awesome for me, I loved how it was a drawer but it had just the thing I desperately needed; a hair mask. Best of all it was a free box!

The Vita Liberata I will not be reviewing as I do not use tanning products, at all! I don’t even want to try it just for the sake of reviewing. I will however be happy to send it to a nice new home so message me if you are interested.


Amika Nourishing mask

Now I must admit that I never got to try the sample sachet that came in the box; unfortunately one or two of my children decided to open the sachet (the same day I was planning on using it too) and squeeze it all out (still didn’t find out where though). The sachet did smell lovely though and I really wanted to try the mask, so I went online and ordered a pot of it. A huge 500ml pot.

When I tried it I had high hopes, not only because of other reviews but because my hair was seriously desperate for a good nourishing and I was definitely not let down. I don’t think I had ever felt my hair so soft and smooth; the ends were massively improved upon even more so than when I used the John Frieda Frizz Ease on it. I decided not to use any other products with it as I wanted to give it a  trial by itself first, I also wanted to see if it made my hair oily, or greasy quickly. It didn’t and infact kept my hair softer and grease free for longer. The third time I used it I applied the Frizz Ease afterwards too and still my hair is super soft and less frizzy, the ends feel almost freshly cut AND when I use them both together again I also have a dry ends hair oil that will them even better!

I definitely 100% recommend this mask, infact I advise you try it because it is wonderful! You can buy in a smaller 250ml pot too.This mask works incredible on it it’s own but as I said I will now be combining with Frizz Ease as they are perfect together too. I will definitely be trying out other products from this brand.

I rate it 5/5 and you can buy here or have a quick search on Amazon (it’s cheaper).


Percy & Reed Hairspray

Ugh, honestly Birchbox what did I do to deserve this? I may not have mentioned before but I HATE hairspray. No matter what you do they either don’t hold anything or they send your hair crusty. This one made the top of my hair crusty and I wasn’t impressed.I would try it by spraying it on my hairbrush first but then I’d have to spend ages washing the bristles. However the more I think about it the more I wonder if I just accidentally sprayed too much, it does have many good reviews which I think earns it one more chance on my hair but I am really going to test it. I will curl my hair and if it holds them in i’ll change my review, but for now ick!

I currently rate it 1/5

If you want to try it for yourself you can buy it here for £12

Huygens Face Scrub

This little pot contains so much it has already last 3 scrubs and when I first saw the pot I expected there to just be a tiny little dip inside for a small amount of product, but I was wrong and I’m so glad.

This feels lovely on my face and I do enjoy face scrubs. It’s gritty enough to have a fantastic effect but not so gritty it makes my skin sore. The smell is amazing and the results are perfect. Smooth skin which even feels purified, best of all; you can use it everyday!

It’s almost as good an exfoliator as my buffer pad but because it’s so creamy and a bit more gentle I don’t get the sore patches on my cheeks I sometimes do when my skin is a bit dry and I use the buffer.

The only downside is that it is currently out of stock and as it’s a Birchbox exclusive I’m not sure if you will be able to find it elsewhere.

I rate this 5/5 and highly recommend.

You can purchase this here when it’s back in stock for £17.90 for 50ml.

Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator

I must admit I have only tried this once so far although I do have plenty of sample left to try a few more times. I am still a learner with highlighting etc so I wasn’t sure how it would go.

It did leave a bright sheen where I put it, although it would probably have gone unnoticed under foundation which I haven’t tried it with yet as I’ve had dry skin. I was expecting it to feel sort of sticky like I’d just had a kiss on the face from a chocolate covered child but it was actually quite smooth.

It would probably be better off used with full contouring to really get the best use out of it but on it’s own your skin would definitely look illuminated in the right places.

I have had a look at the full size product available on the birchbox website and it looks pretty good. It works in the same way as my almond nail oil where you turn the bottom to release the amount of the product you need and has an inbuilt brush for application. Pretty handy.

This is a Birchbox exclusive so only available here for £28.

If an illuminator is essential to your beauty routine i’d say give it a try.

I rate it 3/5, but may change with practice.


The next review will be up soon 🙂



Various lipstick reviews

Over the past few weeks I have grown quite a collection of lipsticks (for me anyway). Before this I hadn’t really worn lipstick much as I always thought whichever colour I was wearing didn’t suit me; so I was determined to give them a proper try.

I’ll start off with two Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks, Prom Queen and Queen Supreme. The colours are bright and fantastic but I didn’t like the feel of them the first time I used them; as someone who is used to using lip moisturisers and balms as opposed to lipsticks my lips felt really dry and I couldn’t not grab my lip butter. Which of course ruined the WP_20160805_13_06_25_Prolipstick and I had to re-apply. Oops! So I left these lipsticks in my drawer for a few weeks
and tried other brands.

I did this past few days give one of them another try and I got the application better but the texture still doesn’t impress me, it wasn’t as dry as it was to me before but I’d struggle to pick these over a lip balm. Still a bit patchy when on my lips but nothing I imagine a double application wouldn’t solve. I would however happily consider buying the new watermelon colour that came out though.The range of colours is great however and definitely allows for expression. Worth checking out at


I am also growing quite a collection of Bourjois Liquid lipsticks and I LOVE these, I stocked up on a few when Superdrug had the 3 for 2 offer on and I’m glad I did. The colours are DSC01566.JPGgreat and my lips don’t feel super dry when I wear them. The nude colours are not what I would usually pick and I have to admit two of them I bought by accident as they looked slightly different coloured when ordering online but I am glad I got them. The nudes I have are ‘Happy Nude Year’, ‘Beau brun’ and ‘Appechissant’.

The Matte finish Velvet Lipsticks are fantastically wear resistant and they feel really light. I don’t instinctively reach for my lip balm and sometimes forget I even have it on. The Aqua Laque is fantastic because I have only one lip liner and it only matches one of my lipsticks, with Aqua Laque you don’t need it as it promises not to run! (tested and promise upheld!) these ones have a shine finish. I have to admit the Souffle de Velvet ones are my favourites as not only do they feel similar to lip balm, they also moisturise and hydrate for up to 10 hours. The wear resistant isn’t as tough as the velvet lipsticks but is definitely a worthwhile price to pay for such a light texture and sheer finish.


I have a mix of Lime Crime lipsticks and i have to admit, I LOVE the colour of the liquid lipsticks but I don’t like anything else about them which is a massive shame as I really DSC01564want the new colours. The Perlees and Unicorn lipsticks however I absolutely love. The colours are amazing and the metallic effect looks so much better than I imagined it actually would. They’re not drying, they do transfer off gradually so need reapplying if you drink frequently but the wear still lasts longer than other lipsticks I have tried before, they definitely beat my body shop lipsticks.

The velvetines, as I said I love the colours but the last one I wore (Fetish) looked lovely whilst it was on but even after being dried for a while if I kept my mouth closed for even a couple of minutes the sides of my lips would stick together and leave a patch on my lips where the lipstick was. This was the only time I experienced that but the others were fine but I applied them really thin just incase.



Well I can’t say I have ever tried anything more disappointing to apply than the Maybelline Super stay Lipstick. It annoyed the hell out of me trying to apply it to cover my lips, it left blotches that were barely there and if I tried to put more on over the blotch it wiped more off! I do like how you apply the gloss over the top though. I will be trying it again using a different lip brush and see if that gets any better results. On the plus side, the colour that actually does go on stays for an incredibly long time. This could well become a favourite of mine if only it applies properly.

The Vivid Matte Liquid is brilliant though and I love the colour I bought, I would definitely buy more of these. They are Lip glosses technically as opposed to lipsticks but they are highly pigmented to give you the benefits of a lipgloss with the colour of a lipstick. Of course it doesn’t colour quite as much as a lipstick but it’s close. Well worth the money.


Next Blog – Catching up on subscription box reviews.


Palmers Fruity Flip balms

I saw these whilst shopping online at Superdrug. I love the Palmers range as it’s one of the nicest smelling lotions range I have ever come across, so when I saw one of my favourite brands were making lip balms I had to try them; even better that they were on offer too!


They come in 3 flavours; Ripe Mango, Juicy Watermelon and Creamy Coconut. My favourite is currently the Melon.

These balms are so convenient to flip open and apply especially if you only have one free hand. I have had the misfortune to find out however that they can also flip open in your bag. No idea how it happened but I lost half my Mango one 😦 So take care if you have a lot of other stuff in your bag.

The smell of these is the best! Not only do you get the juicy scents but you can smell the cocoa butter too which makes it amazing! I’m not a big fan of watermelon usually so I wasn’t expecting to love this one but it’s my second most used one and it smells fantastic.

They are quite oily, so makes wearing lipstick (especially liquid lipstick) pretty much impossible whilst they are fresh on your lips (I would avoid liquid lipstick altogether whilst there is even a small trace of the oil on your lips as it really messes it up).

The pot is cute too, it looks like it’s shaped like a bit of a rose maybe?

With the added Vitamin E these flip balms are a perfect treat for lips.

My lips are always dry, so I use a lot of lip balms and these help keep them moisturised and really soft for a long time so I don’t need to apply as often, unless I lick it off ^_^ (they taste as good as they smell) p.s. (don’t lick them, they are NOT edible).

I definitely give these a 5/5 and highly recommend you try them.

You can purchase from Superdrug for £4.99

Let me know what you think.


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